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V15 aka ThunderHawk

The V15 also known as ThunderHawk will be our new drone for competitions in 2024. The goal is to make a powerful and reliable drone that is easy to use and modify.


In terms of mechanics, the main goal is to make the drone easy to assemble and disassemble through the modularity of components. For example, the part with the flight companion computer should be separable from the rest of the drone in seconds. Another idea to implement is to put the drone batteries on the top of the drone to leave space for payloads on the bottom of the drone.


For the electrical aspect, several design projects will be done for V15, such as a remote safety power switch for the drone and several projects such as the Jetson motherboard as well as the integration of the ARA System with the drone.


In terms of software, in addition to the inter-club artificial intelligence library, an algorithm library will be produced specifically for the purposes of our competitions, a simulation environment with ROS2 will be used. The software possibilities are truly limitless with drones!

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