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The V14

Our V14 drone

The V14 is our largest and most capable drone to date. This is an X-configuration quadcopter that was designed with all the lessons learned from the team's previous builds.

It's our most efficient drone yet, boasting the longest battery life without compromising payload. This multirotor has a battery life of at least 50 minutes without payload at a mass of 6.5 kg. To meet these requirements, the team chose four T-Motor U8II motors and four T-Motor ALPHA 60A 12S ESCs that make up the propulsion system. Everything is powered by a single battery to provide a maximum thrust of 25.2 kg. The 28 inch diameter propellers are carbon fiber with a 9.2 degree pitch. The main design goals were to have maximum efficiency while having the smallest possible mass.

For our V14, we use 4 antennas which are used by the pilot and the ground station. These are integrated into the landing gear of the drone which are designed to allow RF signals to pass. The legs of the drone are extended by a vertical extension connected by a carbon plate which will absorb the shocks during emergency landings and therefore break without endangering the antennas. The payload is modular and supports two carbon rods that allow us to mount several types of systems.

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