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Jetson Orin Carrier Board

The Jetson is a powerful computer with very good AI capabilities especially for the price. The Jetson Orin NX is the most powerful computer in the family with the credit card sized form factor and is the companion flight computer on our next drone, V15 (ThunderHawk).


The motherboard will contain the following interfaces:

4G for experimenting with internet video transmission, telemetry transmission to the pilot, etc.

2x USB-C with Display Port alternate mode which replaces the typical USB-A ports and HDMI/DP interface.

NVME PCIe for SSD memory.

CSI ports for adding cameras

Ethernet for connection to our main video and telemetry transmitter

Connection to our ARA flight controller

A PAC (Payload Area Connection)


For the proper functioning of the motherboard, it will be necessary to put our electrical design skills to the test as well as become experts in Device Trees in Linux to update the list of peripherals. In addition, it will be necessary to optimize the reading of the cameras and to make an excellent integration of 4G to give the drone incredible capabilities.

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